Our systems


Design experience developed over the years has allowed the Servizi Tecnici B&G group to design electrical systems aimed at supporting electrical energy requirements in full compliance of all the current standards.

Through the careful study and continual updates of eco-sustainable designs, Servizi Tecnici B&G has adopted integrated energy services for the realization and management of energy efficiency improvement operations, for all applications and sectors of use on the national territory.

Thanks to this, our company is accredited by the competent authorities with Energy Efficiency Credits (EEC) and therefore qualified to submit applications to obtain these credits.


The Servizi Tecnici B&G group operates with success in a very competitive sector such as that of hydraulic and thermohydraulic systems, guaranteeing excellent service thanks to well-prepared staff and the use of quality equipment.

We do our planning based on the specific requests of our customers, which include the public sector and private businesses, guaranteeing a complete service. From site inspection to measurements each stage is accurately managed, for a result abiding both by the customer’s requests and energy saving standards.


The design experience developed by the Servizi Tecnici B&G group allows for the design of special systems that meet the most varied needs.

Anti-intrusion devices, sound diffusion, audio and video conferences, building automation, video surveillance and safety, smoke detectors, data transmission, satellite aerials and digital TV.