B.I.M. Design

B.I.M, Building Information Modelling, is the 3D design system able to make any construction layout plan tangible so as to ensure an accurate and precise implementation of all its parts.

The Servizi Tecnici B&G consultancy service uses the B.I.M system to ensure precision and minimum error percentage in the development of each project. A dynamic and flexible model able to ensure interoperability, that is to say the interchange and interaction among the different professional figures involved in a project, which helps defining a single information exchange protocol.

The B.I.M. design technique makes each layout plan tangible ny allowing for the accurate visualization of each space designed by each expert. It is therefore possible to define the installation of components with extreme precision, eliminating collision checking and resulting in proven savings of 25% on the budget.

Therefore, doing business with Servizi Tecnici B&G means using a team of experts and high performance technologies able to significantly reduce risks, times and costs.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Planning shared among all the professional figures;
  • Interoperability;
  • Easy modifications;
  • Real simulations;
  • Accurate project definition and control.

The Servizi Tecnici B&G SRL, in association with other 14 societies of building sector, found ASSOBIM in October 2017. The mission of ASSOBIM is to promote the process of digitalization in building sector. Nowadays one of the associate of Servizi Tecnici B&G SRL has a chair in the board of direction of the association. Further information is available a link in the institutional internet site of the association.